Advances in Polyolefin Nanocomposites

Vikas Mittal BASF SE, Polymer Research
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12/14/2010 CRC Press
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Nanomaterials 9781439814543
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Written and edited by pioneers in the field, this text elucidates recent advancements in polyolefin nanocomposites, which have recently been shown to be commercially viable as nanocomposites across a number of fields, including biomedical science, aerospace, and automotive engineering. It focuses on theoretical models to understand the organic-inorganic interfaces in polyolefins and also provides a detailed description of the recently developed models for property prediction of these nanocomposites. It concentrates on developments with not only the aluminosilicate fillers, but also with equally important fillers like layer double hydroxides and nanotubes.

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- Sums up recent advances in nonoscale dispersion of filler in polyolefins

- Presents a basic introduction to polyolefin nanocomposite technology for the readers new to this field

- Provides valuable insights for the use of technologies for polyolefins nanocomposites for commercial application

- Includes contributions from the most experienced researchers in the field

- Aims to bridge the deficiency of a meaningful text on the matter

- Offers insights into the commercial usage of techniques