Colloids and Interfaces in Life Sciences and Bionanotechnology, Second Edition

Willem Norde Wageningen University
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06/07/2011 CRC Press
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Colloidal systems occur everywhere - in soils, seawater, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, paints, blood, biological cells, and microorganisms. Colloids and Interfaces in Life Sciences and Bionanotechnology, Second Edition, an expanded and updated version of Colloids and Interfaces Life Sciences, gives a concise treatment of physicochemical principles determining interrelated colloidal and interfacial phenomena.

New to the Second Edition:

- New topics, including phase separations in polymer systems, electrokinetics of charged permeable surface coatings, and polymer brush coatings to control adsorption and adhesion of particles

- Emphasis on inter-particle interactions and surface phenomena in (bio)nanotechnology

- More than 100 new or updated exercises

- Full solutions to the exercises are presented in the Appendix

Focusing on physicochemical concepts that form the basis of understanding colloidal and interfacial phenomena - rather than on experimental methods and techniques - this book is an excellent primer for students and scientists interested in colloidal and interfacial phenomena, their mutual relations and connections, and the fascinating role they play in natural and man-made systems.

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- Introductory, yet supposes a basic knowledge of physical chemistry and mathematical calculus

- Many illustrations supplement the text, the numerous examples that stress the relevance for practical applications are given

- Full solutions to over 100 updated and additional exercises are present in the Appendix