Computational Electronics: Semi-Classical and Quantum Device Modeling and Simulation

Dragica Vasileska Arizona State University
Stephen M. Goodnick Arizona State University
Gerhard Klimeck Purdue University
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06/01/2010 CRC Press
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Engineering Electronics 9781420064834
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Covering classical and quantum transport approaches, this work delivers the simulation methods needed for proper modeling of new nanoscale devices. The first part is dedicated to semi-classical transport methods, including drift-diffusion, hydrodynamic, and Monte Carlo methods for solving the Boltzmann transport equation. Details are given regarding numerical implementation and as appropriate, sample codes are provided to serve as templates for sophisticated simulation software. The second part is dedicated to quantum transport approaches. It introduces the density gradient method, quantum hydrodynamics, and the concept of effective potentials used to account for quantum-mechanical space quantization effects in particle-based simulators.

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- Introduces advanced simulation methods needed for proper modeling of state-of-the-art nanoscale devices

- Explores semi-classical transport modeling and quantum transport modeling

- Provides homework problems and examples throughout the text