Computational Nanotechnology: Modeling and Applications with MATLABĀ®

Sarhan Musa Prairie View A&M University
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07/26/2011 CRC Press
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Engineering 9781439841761
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Written to help professionals, researchers, and students discover the challenges and opportunities associated with development of next-generation nanoscale computational nanotechnology, this book covers a broad range of technical information, research ideas, and practical knowledge regarding applications in this area. Offering thought-provoking perspective on the developments that are poised to revolutionize the field, the author explores both existing and future nanotechnology applications, which hold great promise for significant innovations in engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine.

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- Includes numerous MATLAB codes and mathematical formulae that can be used in computational nanotechnology - Covers computational methods associated with molecular magnetism and semiconductor quantum dots, as well as modeling of nanoparticles - Deals with micromagnetics and finite element analysis of nano-sized magnetic materials - Addresses system-level modeling of N/MEMS and numerical integrator for continuum equations of surface growth and erosion - Explores configuration optimizations and photophysics simulations of single-wall nanotubes of carbon, silicon-carbide, and carbon-nitride - Presents MATLAB applications in behavioral analysis of systems and in nanoscale transistor modeling