Digital Microfluidic Biochips: Design Automation and Optimization

Tao Xu Cisco Systems
Krishnendu Chakrabarty Duke University
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05/07/2010 CRC Press
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Nanobiotechnology Engineering 9781439819159
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Microfluidics-based biochips combine electronics with biochemistry for newly emerging application areas such as point-of-care medical diagnostics, on-chip DNA analysis, automated drug discovery, and protein crystallization. This book envisions an automated design flow for microfluidic biochips. It offers newly designed automation solutions for problems unique to digital microfluidics. The authors provide a comprehensive methodology for the automated design, test, and use of robust and low-cost manufactured digital microfluidic systems. Using real-life biossays as examples, they offer a comprehensive set of practical methodologies and tools for chip design and manufacture.

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- Introduces a set of practical design tools for digital microfluidics

- Addresses real design constraints, new issues, and constraints in next-generation, large scale biochip design

- Applies design-for-testability techniques to digital micro fluidics-based biochips

- Includes real-life bioassays as examples