Electrolytic In-Process Dressing (ELID) Technologies: Fundamentals and Applications

Ioan D. Marinescu University of Toledo
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June 24, 2011 CRC Press
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Engineering Electronics 9781439800362
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A complete review of Electrolytic-In-Process Dressing (ELID) fundamentals and Applications, this book explains what ELID is and covers its development process since the early 90s from Japan. The author covers the basic fundamentals of ELID, the fundamentals of ELID grinding types, ELID grinding methods, ELID lap-grinding, ELID honing, ELID free form grinding, ultra.nanoprecision ELID, and Micro-ELID grinding. He examines hwo this process improves the surface characteristics of the processed peice, adn why it is more efficient and productive than polishing and lapping.

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