Graphene: Synthesis and Applications

Graphene: Synthesis and Applications
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Since the late 20th century, graphene—a one-atom-thick planar sheet of sp2-bonded carbon atoms densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice—has garnered appreciable attention as a potential next-generation electronic material due to its exceptional properties. These properties include high current density, ballistic transport, chemical inertness, high thermal conductivity, optical transmittance, and super hydrophobicity at nanometer scale. In contrast to research on its excellent electronic and optoelectronic properties, research on the syntheses of a single sheet of graphene for industrial applications is in its nascent stages. Graphene: Synthesis and Applications reviews the advancement and future directions of graphene research in the areas of synthesis and properties, and explores applications, such as electronics, heat dissipation, field emission, sensors, composites, and energy.

Table of Contents

Tailoring the Physical Properties of Graphene
C. G. Rocha, M. H. Rümmeli, I. Ibrahim, H. Sevincli, F. Börrnert, J. Kunstmann, A. Bachmatiuk, M. Pötschke, W. Li, S. A. M. Makharza, S. Roche, B. Büchner, and G. Cuniberti

Graphene Synthesis
Santanu Das and Wonbong Choi

Quantum Transport in Graphene-Based Materials and Devices: From Pseudospin Effects to a New Switching Principle
Stephan Roche, Frank Ortmann, Alessandro Cresti, Blanca Biel, and David Jimenez

Electronic and Photonic Applications for Ultrahigh-Frequency Graphene-Based Devices
Taiichi Otsuji, Tetsuya Suemitsu, Akira Satou, Maki Suemitsu, Eiichi Sano, Maxim Ryzhii, and Victor Ryzhii

Graphene Thin Films for Unusual Format Electronics
Chao Yan, Houk Jang, Youngbin Lee, and Jong-Hyun Ahn

Nanosized Graphene: Chemical Synthesis and Applications in Materials Science
Chongjun Jiao and Jishan Wu

Graphene-Reinforced Ceramic and Metal Matrix Composites
Debrupa Lahiri and Arvind Agarwal

Graphene-Based Biosensors and Gas Sensors
Subbiah Alwarappan, Shreekumar Pillai, Shree R, Singh, and Ashok Kumar

Field Emission and Graphene: An Overview of Current Status
Indranil Lahiri and Wonbong Choi

Graphene and Graphene-Based Materials in Solar Cell Applications
Indranil Lahiri and Wonbong Choi

Graphene: Thermal and Thermoelectric Properties
Suchismita Ghosh and Alexander A. Balandin


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  • Prepared by experts from different sectors of graphene, physics, chemistry, and materials and electrical engineering research
  • Provides a cohesive, critical review of graphene nanoscience and technology, offering valuable insights into how this material is made and used
  • Explores the syntheses of single sheets of graphene for industrial applications