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Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology

The Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology explains and challenges current concepts in nanotechnology. It covers in great detail surface metrology and nanometrology and more importantly the areas where they overlap, thereby providing a quantitative means of controlling and predicting processes and performance. Trends and mechanisms are explained with numerous practical examples.

Bringing engineering and physics together at the nanoscale reveals some astonishing effects: geometric features such as shape change meaning; roughness can disappear altogether; signals from instruments have to be dealt with differently depending on scale. These and other aspects are dealt with for the first time in this book. It is relevant not only for today's technology but also for future advances. Many aspects of nanotechnology and precision engineering are considered in chapters on manufacture, characterization, standardization, performance and instrumentation. There is a special chapter on nanometrology and this subject permeates the whole book.

The Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology is the only book that covers these subject areas and is the definitive work in this field. This book is indispensable for firms making, trading, and researching semiconductor devices, MEMS, and micro-optics, as well as tradition precision engineering products. It will also be useful in quality control as well as for research scientists, development engineers, and production managers.

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