Nanoparticle Assemblies and Superstructures

Nanoparticle Assemblies and Superstructures
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Cubes, Triangular prisms, nano-acorn, nano-centipedes, nanoshells, nano-whiskers. . . . 

Now that we can create nanoparticles in a wide variety of shapes and morphologies, comes the next challenge: finding ways to organize this collection of particles into larger and more complex systems. 

Nanoparticle Assemblies and Superstructures, edited by pioneer of nanoparticle self-organization Nicholas A. Kotov, employs three critical questions to provide a framework of open-ended inquiry:

1. What are the methods of organization of nanocolloids in more complex structures

2. What kind of structures do we need

3. What are the new properties appearing in nanocolloid superstructures

Pulling together a collection of contributors unmatched in both their expertise and enthusiasm, Kotov presents what he refers to as a snapshot of nanoassembly work in progress. The first section of this comprehensive volume provides background through an assessment of the current status of nanoparticle assembly development and the requirements for different applications of organized nanomaterials. The middle chapters explore the changes that occur in various properties of individual particles when they are brought together to form agglomerates and simple assemblies. In the final section, a number of top scientists describe various methods for organizing particles in complex nanostructured superstructures. These include techniques involving biological ligands and force fields, as well as methods based on self-organization.

This remarkably prescient text upholds Kotov's belief that the research on organization of nanoparticles and other nanostructures, will most certainly uncover a wealth of "interesting discoveries and surprising phenomena."


Table of Contents

Nanoscale Superstructures: Current Status. Electronic Properties of Nanoparticle Materials: From Isolated Particles to Assemblies. Biological Methods of Nanoparticle Organization. Assembly of Magnetic Particles. Layered Nanoparticle Assemblies. Self-Assembly of Nanoscale Colloids


Contributor Cheon, Jinwoo, Yonsei University, Department of Chemistry Contributor Mews, Alf, Universitaet Mainz, Inst. fuer Physikalische Chem. Contributor Hartland, Gregory, University of Notre Dame Contributor Coffer, Jeff, Texas Christian University Contributor Levine, R.D., Hebrew University, Department of Physical Chem. Contributor Niemeyer, Christof, Universität Dortmund Contributor Norman, Thaddeus, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochem Contributor Bashouti, M., Techion, Israeli Institute of Technology Contributor Döllefeld, Herwig, Universität Hamburg Contributor Shevchenko, Elena, Universität Hamburg Contributor Yu, Shu-Hong, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces Contributor Amirav, L., Technion University Dpt of Chemistry And Solid State Institu Contributor Berger, S., Technion University Materials Engineering, Israel Contributor Edler, Karen J., University of Bath, UK Contributor Eisen, M., Technion University , Israel Contributor Gearheart, Latha A., University Of South Carolina, USA Contributor Ghannoum, Sara, American University Of Beirut Contributor Grant, Christian D., Rutgers University, USA Contributor Han, Li, Binghamton University of NY, USA Contributor Harrell, J. W., University Of Alabama,USA Contributor Hilgendorff, Michael, Caesar Research Center, Germany Contributor Hu, Min, University Of Notre Dame, USA Contributor Jaber, Jad, American University Of Beirut,Lebanon Contributor Jana, Nikhill R., University Of South Carolina, USA Contributor Johnson, Christopher J., University Of Bristol, UK Contributor Jun, Young-wook, Yonsei University Dpt Of Chemistry, Korea Contributor Kang, Shishou, University Of Alabama, USA Contributor Kariuki, Nancy, Binghamton University Of NY, USA Contributor Kovtyukhova, Nina I., Penn State University, USA Contributor Krueger, M., Technion University,Israel Contributor Ko, Seung jin, Yonsei University Dpt Of Chem, USA Contributor Liz-Marzan, Luis M., University Of Vigo, Vigo, Spain Contributor Luo, Jin, Binghamton University,USA Contributor Mann, Stephen, University Of Bristol Dpt Of Chemistry, UK Contributor Maye, Mathew M, Binghamton University Of NY, USA Contributor Mulvaney, Paul, University of Melbourne, Australia Contributor Obare, Sherine O., University Of South Carolina, USA Contributor Pastoriza-Santos, Isabel, University Of Vigo , Spain Contributor Sashchiuk, A., Technion University, Israel Contributor Sato, Seiji, Oita Medical University Contributor Sivan, U., Technion University Dpt Of Chemistry, israel Contributor Sun, Xiangcheng, University Of Alabama, USA Contributor Talapin, Dmitri V., University Of Hamburg, Germany Contributor Tang, Zhiyong, University Of Michigan Contributor Weller, Horst, University Of Hamburg, Germany Contributor Xin, Yan, Florida State University, USA Contributor Yao, Hiroshi, Kyushu Univ. Contributor Remacle, Francoise, Universite de Liege Contributor Eychmüller, Alexander, Department of Chemistry Contributor Lifshitz, Efrat, Department of Chemistry , Technion Contributor Zhang, Jin, Zhang Research Group Contributor Cölfen, Helmut, Max Planck Inst. of Colloids and Interfaces Contributor Rogach, Andrey, Department of Chemistry Contributor Cölfen, Helmut, Max Planck Inst. of Colloids Contributor Nikles, David, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA Contributor Giersig, Michael, Center of Advanced European Contributor Mallouk, Thomas, Penn State University Contributor St. Angelo, Sarah, The Pennsylvania State University Contributor Halaoui, Lara, American University of Beirut Contributor Chumanov, George, Clemson University Contributor Malynych, Serhiy, Clemson University Contributor Murphy, Catherine, University of South Carolina Contributor Zhong, Chuan-Jian, Binghamton University Contributor Chen, Shaowei, U. of California, Santa Cruz Contributor Kimura, Keisaku, Himeji Inst. of Technology Editor 1 Kotov, Nicholas A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
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  • Presents investigations on the interactions between particles in ordered and non-ordered superstructure
  • Includes reviews of nanoscale devices that can utilize nanoparticle superstructures
  • Summarizes biomolecular nanotechnology, a new research field standing at a multidisciplinary crossroads
  • Looks at how the spatial packing of nanocrystals dictates architecture in the nanostructured microenvironment
  • Compares electrical and optical properties of ordered and disordered structure
  • Discusses recent advances in magnetic particle assemblies prepared from ferrofluids
  • Nicholas A. Kotov has received several state, national, and international awards for his research on nanomaterials, including the Mendeleev Stipend, the Humboldt Fellowship, and the CAREER award.


  • "Overall, this volume is a delightful read for chemists, as it highlights the important role organic, bioorganic, and inorganic chemists must play in advancing nanotechnology. It is targeted for a chemical audience with an advanced degree in chemistry and a good background in all the traditional disciplines. …The book certainly highlights the important role chemists must play in future developments of nanotechnology, particularly in regard to nanoparticle assembly and superstructure synthesis."
  • -Miguel E. Castro, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 128, No. 35, 2006