Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies

Michael Wilson University of Western Sydney
Kamali Kannangara University of Western Sydney
Geoff Smith University of Technology Sydney
Michelle Simmons University of New South Wales
Burkhard Raguse CSIRO Industrial Physics
Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies
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6/27/2002 Chapman & Hall/CRC
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The emergence of nanoscience portends a revolution in technology that will soon impact virtually every facet of our technological lives. Yet there is little understanding of what it is among the educated public and often among scientists and engineers in other disciplines. Furthermore, despite the emergence of undergraduate courses on the subject, no basic textbooks exist.

Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies bridges the gap between detailed technical publications that are beyond the grasp of nonspecialists and popular science books, which may be more science fiction than fact. It provides a fascinating, scientifically sound treatment, accessible to engineers and scientists outside the field and even to students at the undergraduate level. After a basic introduction to the field, the authors explore topics that include molecular nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nanopowders, nanoelectronics, optics and photonics, and nanobiometrics. The book concludes with a look at some cutting-edge applications and prophecies for the future.

Nanoscience will bring to the world technologies that today we can only imagine and others of which we have not yet dreamt. This book lays the groundwork for that future by introducing the subject to those outside the field, sparking the imaginations of tomorrow's scientists, and challenging them all to participate in the advances that will bring nanotechnology's potential to fruition.

Table of Contents

Background to Nanotechnology. Molecular Nanotechnology. Nanopowders and Nanomaterials. The Carbon Age. Molecular Mimics. Nanobiomimetics. Optics, Photonics and Solar Energy.Nanoelectronics. Future Applications. Into the Realms of Imagination. Index.


Author 1 Wilson, Mick, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia Author 2 Kannangara, Kamali, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia Author 3 Smith, Geoff, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia Author 4 Simmons, Michelle, Atomic Fabrication Facility, Sydney, Australia Author 5 Raguse, Burkhard, CSIRO Telecomms & Industrial Physics, Lindfield, Australia
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  • - Presents the background and applications of nanotechnology accessible to undergraduate students and scientists and engineers from other fields
  • - Covers a wide range of topics, from basic chemistry, biology, and physics to the integration of these subjects into nanoscience, nanomaterials, and nanomachines
  • - Incorporates a chapter on future applications with discussions that include computing systems, robots, optoelectronics, and ageless materials
  • - Contains more than 80 illustrations, including a section of full color plates
  • - Includes exercises and references in each chapter