Manufacturing Techniques for Microfabrication and Nanotechnology

Marc J. Madou University of California Irvine
Manufacturing Techniques for Microfabrication and Nanotechnology
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March 18, 2011 CRC Press
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Authored by Marc Madou, best-selling author and leading expert in MEMS and manufacturing at the nano scale, this textbook focuses on emerging trends in industrial lithography and pattern transfer. It covers photolithography and next generation lithographies and presents a number of subtractive etching techniques, including dry, chemical, and electrochemical wet. The author also explains thermal, electrothermal, and mechanical removing techniques. Designed for chemistry and materials students, it includes extensive references and a comprehensive glossary and provides worked out problems, along with end-of-chapter problems. PowerPoint slides and solutions manual are available for qualifying instructors.

Table of Contents

Photolithography. Next-Generation Lithographies and Lithography Research.

Pattern Transfer with Subtractive Techniques:
Dry Etching. Wet Chemical Etching and Wet Bulk Micromachining—Pools as Tools. Thermal Energy-Based Removing. Mechanical Energy-Based Removing.

Pattern Transfer with Additive Techniques:
Physical and Chemical Vapor Deposition—Thin Film Properties and Surface Micromachining. Chemical, Photochemical and Electrochemical Forming Techniques. Thermal Energy-Based Forming Techniques—Thermoforming. Micro-Molding Techniques—LIGA.

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- Reviews different forms of lithography, detailing those that differ most from the miniaturization processes used to fashion integrated circuits

- Explores gas and vapor phase dry etching processes including chemical, physical, and chemical-physical

- Discusses thermal removing techniques where thermal energy, provided by a heat source, melts and/or vaporizes material from the work piece

- Covers additive forming processes where materials are added, usually in a selective manner, to a work-piece or a device under construction