Medical Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine

H. F. Tibbals University of Texas at Arlington
Medical Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine
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September 2010 CRC Press
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This accessible guide reviews advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology and considers their applications in medicine. Providing an introduction to both the science and the infrastructure requried to support these advances, this volume is written for medical researchers and clinicians, as well as those concerned with business aspects, regulation, and the administration of medical practices.
The book provides a contextual background including history, definitions, and recent trends, and then investigates current and future nanotech applications in medicine and the biomedical sciences.

Table of Contents


  1. Nanomedicine and Societal Implications
  2. Historical Perspectives and Technological Breakthroughs
  3. Emerging National and Global Nanomedicine Initiatives
  4. On the Starting Line: Beginnings of Medical Nanotechnology
  5. Nanomedicine: Proposals and Promise
  6. The Emergence of Medical Technology Applications
  7. The Impact of Nanotools on Medicine: Imaging and Diagnostics
  8. Medical Nanomaterials: Tissue Engineering and Drug Development
  9. Nanofabricated Particles and Therapeutic Macromolecules
  10. Medical Nanofilms, Nanocapsules and Nanostructures
  11. Nanotechnology in Intervention and Surgery
  12. Nanotechnology in Prosthetics
  13. Medical Monitoring with Nanosensors
  14. Future Directions and Transformations
  15. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis: Integrated Biomolecular Nanoscience
  16. Challenging Boundaries: Life and Material, Self and Environment
  17. Sustainability and Future Choices for Societies

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  •  Lays out a strategic plan for applying nanotechnology to high impact medical applications
  • Provides a summary of current developments in the field along with future directions, applications, and impacts of nanotechnology on medicine
  • Presents an overview of the emerging influence of nanoscience
  • Enhances awareness and provides a foundation from which decisions and planning can be implemented
  • Employs an easily accessible and free flowing style with representative examples, case summaries, and graphical illustrations