Metal Oxide Nanostructures as Gas Sensing Devices

G. Eranna Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
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12/13/2011 CRC Press
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MEMS/NEMS Engineering 9781439863404
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With an emphasis on gas (vapor) detection techniques using metal oxide nanomaterials, this book presents the complete list of nanostructured metal oxides and their syntheses. From aluminum to zinc, it analyzes metal oxides and their response to different gaseous (vapor) species. It also analyzes gaseous species from acetic acid to toluene. Numerous tables highlight the synthesis, operating range, responding gases, and response time of various metal oxides. The author details their nanostructures and shapes and explores active devices that use these materials, including future devices and gas sensing arrays such as e-nose.

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