Microoptics and Nanooptics Fabrication

Shanalyn Kemme Sandia National Laboratories
Microoptics and Nanooptics Fabrication
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The deep interconnection between micro/nanooptical components and related fabrication technologies—and the constant changes in this ever-evolving field—means that successful design depends on the engineer’s ability to accommodate cutting-edge theoretical developments in fabrication techniques and experimental realization.

Documenting the state of the art in fabrication processes, Microoptics and Nanooptics Fabrication provides an up-to-date synopsis of recent breakthroughs in micro- and nanooptics that improve key developmental processes. This text elucidates the precise and miniaturized scale of today’s fabrication methods and their importance in creating new optical components to access the spectrum of physical optics. It details successful fabrication techniques and their direct effect on the intended performance of micro- and nanooptical components.

The contributors explore the constraints related to material selection, component lateral extent, minimum feature size, and other issues that cause fabrication techniques to lag behind corresponding theory in the development process. Written with the professional optical engineer in mind, this book omits the already well-published broader processing fundamentals. Instead it focuses on key tricks of the trade helpful in reformulating processes to achieve necessary optical targets, improve process fidelity, and reduce production costs.

The contributing authors represent the vanguard in micro-optical fabrication. The result of their combined efforts, this searing analysis of emerging fabrication technologies will continue to fuel the expansion of optics components, from the microwave to the infrared through the visible regime.



Table of Contents

Fabricating Surface-Relief Diffractive Optical Elements, S.A. Kemme and A.A. Cruz-Cabrera

Fabrication of Microoptics with Plasma Etching Techniques, G.T. Borek

Analog Lithography with Phase-Grating Masks, J.W. Sung and E.G. Johnson

Electron Beam Lithography for the Nanofabrication of Optical Devices, A. Gin and J.R. Wendt

Nanoimprint Lithography and Device Applications, J. (Jim) Wang

Design and Fabrication of Planar Photonic Crystals, D.W. Prather, A. Sharkawy, S. Shi, J. Murakowski, G. Schneider, and C. Chen

Fabrication of 3D Photonic Crystals: Molded Tungsten Approach, P.J. Resnick and I.F. El-Kady


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  • Collects only the state of the art in fabrication processes rather than broad, well-published processing fundamentals
  • Each contributing author is an expert in this fabrication technology field; and together they represent the vanguard in microoptical fabrication today.