Nanotechnology and Global Sustainability

Donald Maclurcan Institute for Nanoscale Technology at the University of Technology
Natalia Radywyl School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne
Nanotechnology and Global Sustainability
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12/19/2011 CRC Press
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A comprehensive introduction to nanotechnology and its potential global implications, this book critiques the latest developments relating to the environment, health, water and food, as well as potential implications for global trade, labor and marginalized populations. It presents ideas for improving technological appropriateness, including transitioning to new methods of knowledge assessment and co-creation, novel approaches to innovation that truly engage 'the poor', multilateral regulatory mechanisms that serve wider interests, and ways to overcome the global dilemma of knowledge commodification resulting from intellectual property rights regimes.

Table of Contents

Section I: Limits
Nanotechnology and Limits to Growth, D. Maclurcan and N. Radywyl
Nanotechnology and the Environment, D.J. Hess and A. Lamprou
Nanotechnology and Traditional Knowledge Systems, R. Eglash

Section II: Capacity
Nanotechnology and Geopolitics: There’s Plenty of Room at the Top, S. Howard and K.J. Wetter
Nanotechnology, Agriculture, and Food, K. Lyons, G. Scrinis, and J. Whelan
Poor Man’s Nanotechnology—From the Bottom Up (Thailand), S. Baruah, J. Dutta, and G.L. Hornyak

Section III: Appropriateness
Nanotechnology and Global Health, D.Bennett-Woods
Toward Pro-Poor Nano-Innovation (Zimbabwe, Peru, Nepal), D.J. Grimshaw
Open Source Appropriate Nanotechnology, U. Mushtaq and J.M. Pearce

Section IV: Governance
Nanotechnology and Risk. F. Wickson
Nanotechnology and State Regulation (India), N. Srivastava and N. Chowdhury
Nanotechnology and Global Regulation, D.M. Bowman and G.A. Hodge
Nanotechnology without Growth, D. Maclurcan and N. Radywyl

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  • Offers a comprehensive appraisal of nanotechnology’s latest developments
  • Draws together high-level assessment with contemporary case studies
  • Discusses approaches from the public, private and non-governmental sectors
  • Includes figures and tables to aid with reader comprehension