Nanotechnology for Telecommunications

Salahuddin Qazi State University of New York Institute of Technology, Utica, New York
Mohammad Ilyas Florida Atlantic University
Sohail Anwar Altoona College of The Pennsylvania State University
M. Yasin Akhtar Raja University of North Carolina
Nanotechnology for Telecommunications
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06/02/2010 CRC Press
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Nanotechnology is set to have a profound impact on telecommunications leading to easier convergence of related technologies, massive storage data, compact storage devices, and higher performance computing. Nanotechnology for Telecommunications covers research and developmental issues as well as future directions of MEMs and nanotechnology as they apply to telecommunications. It discusses the impact of nanotechnology on devices such as photonic crystals lasers, light emitters, and sensors. The authors also include a discussion on the challenges associated with the system integration of nano-, micro- and micro-components in component-, modules, and telecommunication networks.


Table of Contents

An Overview of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience, Ahmed S. Khan

Impact of Nanotechnology on Telecommunications, F.M. Salinas, E.F. Barros, W. Eisenberg, D.M. Smith, and S. Viswanathan

Nanotechnology in Fiber-Optic Telecommunications: Power-Control Applications, A. Girard and M. Oron

Nanotubes and Their Applications in Telecommunications, M. Shibli

Silicon Nanostructures for Optical Communications, A.A. Filios, Y.S. Ryu, K. Shahrabi, and R. Tsu

Nanostructured Optoelectronic Materials for Short-Wavelength Devices, M. Khizar and M. Yasin Akhtar Raja

Nanophotonics for Emerging Optical Networks, K. Acharya and M.Y. Akhtar Raja

Crystalline Colloidal Array Photonic Crystal Optical Switching, M.K. Maurer

Processing of MEMS and NEMS, S. Allameh

System-Level Modeling of Nano-Electromechanical Systems, K. Virk

MEMS-Based Wireless Communications, S. Qazi

Quantum Dot Cellular Automata: The Prospective Technology for Digital Telecommunication Systems, S.M. Nejad and E. Rahimi

High-Electric-Field-Initiated Information Processing in Nanoelectronic Devices, V.K. Arora

Packaging and Assembly of Microelectronic Devices and Systems, S. Manian Ramkumar

An Architectural Perspective on Digital Quantum Switching, I. Tsai and S. Kuo

Powering the Future with Nanotechnology, H. Efstathiadis

Commercialization of Nanotechnology: Opportunities and Issues, S. Anwar



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