Parasitic Phenomena in the Dynamics of Industrial Devices

Alberto Borboni University of Brescia
Rodolfo Faglia University of Brescia
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09/26/2011 CRC Press
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Engineering 9781439809464
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Discussing parasitic phenomena (unwanted, unforeseen, or limiting behaviors) rising from the dynamic behavior of real machines, this volume describes the potential causes and effects of these behaviors and provides indications that could minimize their influence on the mechanical system in question. Highlighting industrial devices in the manufacturing industry, including industrial indexing devices and industrial robots, it offers case studies, advanced models, design methods, and short examples of applications. The book is of critical importance for any manufacturing enterprise that produces significant amounts of objects through a process with one or more automated phases.

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- Organizes machine dynamics through a systems theory to give a comprehensive vision of the design problem - Details machine dynamics at an advanced mathematics level and avoids redundancy of fundamental knowledge - Introduces real machine cases for solutions to practical problems - Covers two broad classes of mechanical devices that are widely used in the construction of instrumental goods - Employs a mechatronic approach that can be applied to electro-mechanical, hydro-mechanical or pneumo-mechanical machines - Includes extensive references at the end of each chapter