Particle Technology and Applications

Particle Technology and Applications
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With peer-reviewed chapters written by a select group of academic and industry experts, the book provides examples of particle technology and its advanced industrial applications. It includes the necessary scientific background of particle technology as well as relevant technological details of the application areas. This helps readers grasp specific details of the applied technology, since the advanced particle technology can directly or synergistically have an impact on outcomes, such as the development of a targeted functional material, enhancement of existing processing techniques, and modification of the properties of existing materials.

Presenting a consistent scientific treatment of all topics, this comprehensive yet accessible book covers a variety of practical applications and relevant theoretical foundation of particle science and technology. It will help readers tackle new challenges in process and product development and create new methodologies in the clean technology sector

Table of Contents

Particle Technology and Applications: Past, Present, and Future, Sunggyu Lee and Kimberly H. Henthorn

Fractal Geometry Applications, Douglas K. Ludlow
Particle Cohesion, Kimberly H. Henthorn and Christine M. Hrenya
Particle–Particle Interaction, Anh V. Nguyen, Linh T.T. Tran, and Jan D. Miller

Nanomaterials, David S.J. Arney, Jimmie R. Baran, Allen R. Siedle, and Matthew H. Frey
Nanostructured Materials, Vikrant N. Urade and Hugh W. Hillhouse

Solids Handling and Processing
Adsorption, Shivaji Sircar
Coal–Water Slurries, S. Komar Kawatra
Size Reduction, Sunil Kesavan
Conveying (Pneumatic Transport), Kimberly H. Henthorn
Solid-Liquid Mixing: Numerical Simulation and Physical Experiments, Philippe A. Tanguy, Francis Thibault, Gabriel Ascanio, and Edmundo Brito-De La Fuente
Fluidization, A.-H. Park and L.-S. Fan
Fluidized Bed Reactor, John R. Grace, Jamal Chaouki, and Todd Pugsley

Polymer and Supercritical Fluid Applications
Powder Coating Application Processes, Harry J. Lader
Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Processing of Polymer–Clay Nanocomposites, Matthew J. Factor and Sunggyu Lee
Infusion of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor into Thermoplastic Resins and Films in a Supercritical Fluid Medium, Leah A. Taylor and Sunggyu Lee

Environment and Safety
Electrostatic Precipitation, Kenneth R. Parker
Dust Explosion Hazard Assessment and Control, Vahid Ebadat


Sunggyu Lee is a Russ Ohio Research Scholar and professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Ohio University, where he is also the director of the Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials (SEAM) Laboratory. Dr. Lee holds 31 U.S. patents and has authored over 450 journal articles and conference papers. His research areas include alternative fuels, supercritical fluid technology, advanced material processing, chemical process engineering and reactor design, and polymer synthesis and processing.

Kimberly H. Henthorn is an associate professor of chemical engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Dr. Henthorn’s research focuses on particle characterization, solids entrainment and transport, and two-phase microfluidic flows.
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  • Illustrates up-to-date practical applications of particle technologies
  • Provides the necessary scientific background of particle technology for all application areas covered
  • Explains the technological details underlying the applications
  • Promotes novel process and product development efforts using green chemistry and engineering
  • Emphasizes the enhancement and modifications of the functionality of materials


I would highly recommend Particle Technology and Applications for both the academic and industrial environments. The distinguished list of authors from academia and industry provide thought-provoking insights in the field of particle science and technology as well as good direction for additional areas of investigation for many years to come.
—J. David Tucker, The Kimberly-Clark Corporation


Particle Technology and Applications covers a very broad topic in an organized way, provides novel and creative examples in very different fields addressing several aspects of the particle technology. It contains topics that are high in demand by industry and academia such as methanol synthesis, coal gasification, biodiesel generation from algae, nanoparticles, nanocomposites, and particle coating for drug delivery systems."
—Mahin Shahlari, Northern Technologies International Corporation, Minnesota, USA