Plasma Processing of Nanomaterials

R. Mohan Sankaran Case Western Reserve University
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11/11/11 CRC Press
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Engineering 9781439866764
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Plasma technology, and its application at the nanoscale, faces new challenges in the synthesis of well-defined nanomaterials, in terms of their size, shape, and composition. With numerous examples of the synthesis of various classes of nanomaterials, this book provides a comprehensive overview of recent developments and advancements in plasma processing of nanomaterials. Combining both experimental and theoretical work, it describes the successful application of plasma processing to synthesize, modify, and process nanomaterials as well as the use of plasma processing in nanoe1ectronics, catalysis, energy sensors, and nanomedicine.

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- Explains the art and science of plasma-based chemical processes - Provides examples of how to synthesize various classes of nanomaterials (e.g. nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanowires) by plasma technology - Supplies an outlook for the future potential of plasma-based processes for nanomaterials synthesis - Describes the challenges that exist for the synthesis of well-defined nanomaterials and their applications - Offers contributions from world-renowned leaders in the area of plasma processing of nanomaterials