Silicon Photonics for Telecommunications and Biomedicine

Sasan Fathpour University of Central Florida
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10/07/2011 CRC Press
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Physics 9781439806371
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Focusing on the important obstacles to be met in order to make silicon photonics a viable commercial reality, this book provides a concise introduction to major developments in the field. Worldwide experts provide clear explanations of the fundamentals and state-of-the-art approaches. After a historical review, the text discusses the critical areas of silicon wire waveguides and optical parametric effects in silicon, stress and piezoelectric tuning of silicon’s optical properties, and short pulse techniques in silicon photonics. It also addresses silicon-based optical resonators, mid-wavelength infrared applications, growth techniques, hybrid lasers on silicon, and energy harvesting.

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- Offers a concise and broadly accessible introduction - Covers basic concepts and state-of-the-art techniques along with an authoritative historical overview of the field - Presents a balanced perspective on the key challenges that must be overcome in order to push the field into the next stage of commercial products - Includes detailed discussions of silicon wire waveguides, optical parametric effects, stress and piezoelectric tuning, and more