Surface Charging and Points of Zero Charge

Marek Kosmulski Technical University of Lublin
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The Most Detailed Resource Available on Points of Zero Charge

With their work growing in complexity, chemists involved with surface phenomena-related projects have outgrown the common resources available to them on points of zero charge (PZC) of oxides. Reporting on a limited number of materials in a limited number of scenarios, these resources often leave scientists wondering if the variances reported in the results they depend upon are due to actual differences in properties among particular samples or due to differences between isoelectric points (IEP) and points of zero charges obtained by titration.

Taking on the monumental task of building a complete reference, Marek Kosmulski, a leading authority in the field of surface chemistry (Hirsch index of 22), takes a new approach to provide chemists with the most detailed resource on the points of zero charge of oxides available to date.

Surface Charging and Points of Zero Charge presents PZC data on well-defined speciments of materials sorted by trademark, manufacturer (commercial materials), location (natural materials), and specific recipe (synthetic materials). The text emphasizes the comparison between particular results obtained for different portions of the same or very similar material.

All available resources were used to obtain the data in this reference, making it the definitive resource on PZC/IEP. Destined to become a classic, Surface Charging and Points of Zero Charge points the way for further research with tried and true methods that help researchers avoid the doubt that lead to countless hours of unnecessary research.

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Synethsizing information published in research reports over the past few decades, this invaluable reference:

- Characterizes materials in terms of thermochemical data, chemical composition (level of impurities), crystallographic structure, specific structure area (various methods), particular size, and morphology

- Provides additional references to more detailed sample characterization (SEM and TEM images, XRD patterns, and particle size distributions)

- Reviews the PZC and IEP--with all possible details regarding the method, type of instrument, and experimental conditions

- Pays special attention to correlations of the PZC and IEP with other physical quantities and properties, surface charging in mixed and nonaqueous solvents, surface charging at high ionic strengths, and ion-specificity in 1-1 electrolytes