Systems Engineering for Microscale and Nanoscale Technologies

Janet L. Barth Johns Hopkins University
Ann Darrin Johns Hopkins University
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10/10/11 CRC Press
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Engineering 9781439837320
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Micro-scale and nano-scale technology developments have the potential to revolutionize smart and small systems. The application of systems-engineering methodologies that integrate standalone, small-scale technologies and interface them with macro-technologies to build useful systems is critical to realizing the potential of these technologies. Contributing to the knowledge base on SE principles for micro- and nano-technology integration, this book offers new approaches to developing smart systems. The text provides practical knowledge about the capabilities of micro- and nanotechnologies and how they interface with each other and with macro systems.

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- Advances the state of systems engineering knowledge with chapters by top experts - Provides a practical handbook for microscale and nanoscale technologies as elements in smart systems - Offers a valuable resource for systems engineers, program managers, technology developers, and scientists in the field - Includes examples and applications from various engineering disciplines - Concludes with a chapter on future trends