VLSI Micro- and Nanophotonics: Science, Technology, and Applications

El-Hang Lee INHA University
Manijeh Razeghi Northwestern University
Louay Eldada HelloVolt Corporation
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Engineering 9781574447293
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There is a significant difference between VLSI (very large scale integration) micro/nanoelectronics and VLSI micro/nanophotonics. This book is about the latter, which is meant to define photonic devices, circuits and subsystems in small sizes reaching down in scale from micron, submicron, nano-scale, and quantum-scale dimensions. This book examines issues concerning three essential steps in this technology: miniaturization, interconnection, and integration of microphotonic devices, circuits and systems in micron or submicron scale. It highlights the technology's advantages with respect to size as well as its ability to offer new and unexplored functions toward new applications.

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