Dimensionally Graded Semiconductor Nanoparticle Films


Nataliya N. Mamedova Department of Chemistry, Oklahoma State University

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Nanometer-sized particles of II–VI semiconductors and their size-dependent physical and chemical properties are currently an object of interest in various areas of chemistry and physics. The high luminescence (quantum yield 15–20%) of CdTe nanoparticles, stabilized with thioglycolic acid (TGA), along with their size-dependent optical properties, makes them a promising material for the engineering of nanoelectronic devices. CdTe nanoparticles have already been found to be useful as components of X-ray and γ-detectors, photodiodes, and solar cells. For any possible use of such particles in thin films, especially for LED devices, it is necessary to obtain a high density of particles to facilitate charge transfer between them.