Quantum Dots, Semiconductor: Atomic Ordering Over Time


Peter Moeck Department of Physics, Portland State University

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This encyclopedia entry consists of two parts. The first part gives a brief overview of epitaxially grown semiconductor quantum dots. This kind of quantum dot is referred to as ordinarily strained random semiconductor alloy quantum dot throughout this review. The objective of the first part is to set the scene for the following part.

The main part of this encyclopedia entry deals with experimental evidence in favor of the existence of long-range atomic order within certain III–V and II–VI compound semiconductor Stranski–Krastanow grown quantum dots a few years after the growth. The objective of the second part of this entry is to review this particular field of inquiry. With necessity, only the most general experimental results can be discussed. A simple thermodynamic model, which, in principle, allows for structural transitions from ordinarily strained random semiconductor alloy quantum dots with the structural prototype of the surrounding matrix to crystallographic superlattices (i.e., long-range atomically ordered quantum dots), is also briefly mentioned in the second part.