Laser-Based Deposition Technique: Patterning Nanoparticles into Microstructures


Jaroslaw Drelich Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Michigan Technological University

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The laser-based particle deposition (LBPD) technique is one of “direct-write” techniques that can be used for patterning nanoparticles into a variety of microstructures. If properly developed, LBPD may have wide application in manufacturing novel electronic, sensing, catalytic, and other devices that require specific structures, combinations of unlike materials, and unconventional substrates. The technique makes use of laser-induced optical forces to guide particles by a narrow laser beam from an atomizer source until depositing them on a substrate. One of the LBPD versions based on aperture guidance is reviewed in this paper.

The discussion covers both the fundamentals of both laser guidance and solid–liquid interactions during patterning, including recommendations for the best setups, as well as a more detailed description of optical and other forces exerted on particles inside the LBPD apparatus. Some examples of nanoparticle deposition and patterning are also presented.