Shock-Induced Synthesis of Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials


Z. Q. Jin Department of Physics, University of Texas at Arlington

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One of the most important properties of permanent magnets is the maximum energy product, (BH)max, which is a measure of the maximum stored energy. In the last 50 years, remarkable evolutionary and revolutionary progress made in permanent magnet materials has resulted in the development of AlNiCo's with (BH)max ∼ 8 MGOe, strong rare earth SmCo5 (1 : 5) and Sm(Co, Fe, Cu, and Zr)z (2 : 17) with (BH)max ∼ 30 MGOe, and the new R-Fe-B supermagnets, which have large values of magnetization and magnetocrystalline anisotropy because of the highly anisotropic tetragonal R2Fe14B phase (a = 0.8792 nm and c = 1.2177 nm for Nd2Fe14B). These single-phase Nd-Fe-B magnets have the highest energy product [(BH)max ∼ 54 MGOe] of all existing magnets.