NanoNews – Taking Nanotechnology from the Promise to the Page

What happens to nanoscience outside the laboratory is everyone’s business Inside the May 2008 “NanoNews” issue, read about these top-of-mind topics: • A new landmark textbook, “Introduction to Nanoscience,” to address the need for interdisciplinary approaches to teaching nanoscience across biology, physics and chemistry • How leading scientists are taking new steps to balance nano-innovations with legal, ethical and environmental concerns • A growing list of nano-pioneers, tackling modeling, molecular machines, spintronics and nanotechnology’s burgeoning role in touching many areas of society – among consumers, researchers, business people and others. • CRC’s exciting new nanotechnology community portal,, which offers professionals like you a number of ways to communicate with colleagues about your science and commercialization needs, and . • A wave of new hardcover and online publications and information assets for your on-going education and day-to-day research needs.