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London Times Special 12-Page 'Future of Nanotechnology' Supplement

by Editor1 last modified June 29, 2007 - 12:14

In June, supported a Special Nanotechnology Supplement in The London Times (UK). The 12-page supplement, entitled “Nanotechnology: Your Guide to the Future of Nanotechnology,” includes features about some nanoscience’s hottest sectors.

Among those topics addressed in the Londons Times nanotechnoogy supplement were:

• (Cleantech) Nanotechnology’s environmental and energy benefits
• (Nanomedicine) Nano advances treatments, diagnosis of disease
• (Commercialization) Bringing industry, nanotechnology together
• (Collaboration) U.K Taskforce calls for coordinated strategy for nano

By special arrangement with the Times and Media Planet, can offer our members a free download copy of the paper’s Nanotechnology supplement. The supplement is expected more than 1.8 million readers of The Times, publication officials said. and Taylor and Francis are proud to be on-going supporters of efforts to grow international nanoscience collaboration.

Obtain your free copy of The London Times “Nanotechnology: Your Guide to the Future of Nanotechnology"