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Grodzinski, Piotr [50%]
Dr. Piotr Grodzinski is a Director of Nanotechnology for Cancer programs at Nanotechnology Alliance of National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.
Stanford Team Develops Nanosensor Arrays To Speed Drug Development [50%]
Stanford University researchers say a microchip built from current micro-electronics technologies and crammed with bio-nanosensors could dramatically speed up ...
Rao, C.N.R. [49%]
Yantasee, Wassana [49%]
Wassana Yantasee joined PNNL after finishing her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, for which she conducted a 5-year research project, funded by the U.S. ...
Texas Energy Consortium To Close NanoSensor Research RFP August 20 [49%]
The Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC), a research group comprised of the world’s top energy companies along with University of Texas and Rice University, is ...
Ree, Moonhor [48%]
Graphene: Synthesis and Applications: Author Interview [48%]
As the nanocommunity celebrates the year since the pioneers of graphene won the Nobel Prize, speaks with the co-editor of Graphene: ...
Biomedical Nanotechnology [47%]
<p>Biomedical nanotechnology is one of the fastest-growing fields of research across the globe. However, even the most promising technologies may never realize ...
Wang, Joseph [47%]
The research interests of Dr. Wang include the development of microfluidic (“Lab-on-Chip”) biochip devices, nanomaterials-based sensors, enzyme electrodes, DNA ...
Inorganic Nanowires: Applications, Properties, and Characterization [47%]
Nanotechnology production has exploded in the last five years, due in no small part to its rapidly increasing impact in the area of commercial electronics, ...
London Center for Nanotechnology Probes Secrets of Superbug Killers [46%]
Scientists from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) at University College London are using nanomechanics and nanoscale cantilevers to unlock secrets of ...
Rice University Opens Graphene for Organic Chemistry [46%]
Rice University researchers have found a highly controllable way to attach organic molecules to pristine graphene. The work opens the door for a new class of ...
Fauchet, Philippe [45%]
Professor Fauchetís research interests are multidisciplinary. They include ultrafast laser spectroscopy of solids; picosecond opto-electronics; femtosecond ...
Dorf, Richard [45%]
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Professor in the Graduate School of Management, University of Califorina, Davis. His specialties include ...
University of Twente - Transducers Science and Technology TST (MicMec) [45%]
In TST research is conducted on four main themes: micromachining, sensors, actuators and fluid handling systems. In all these themes Ph.D. student and Master ...


Latest Research

The Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC), a research group comprised of the world’s top energy companies along with University of Texas and Rice University, is looking for proposals for nanosensor technologies to help with oil and gas discovery and recovery. The consortium has a $6-$7 million RFP for micro- and nanosensors pending, with the latest round closing August 20.


Jinsong Leng,

Cheung Kong Chair Professor
Harbin Institute of Technology

Yavuz, Mustafa

Mustafa Yavuz, Ph.D.

University of Waterloo


Nanophotonics Research Center - The University of Tokyo

Nanophotonics Research Center - The University of Tokyo

The Nanophotonics Research Center (NPC), NPC seeks to deepen the fundamental knowledge of nanometer-scale light-matter interactions and exploit our findings in various kinds of new principles and technologies. NPC is is the research center for nanophotonics in The University of Tokyo. and is led by the Director Prof. Motoichi Ohtsu.