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Zukoski, Charles [27%]
William H. and Janet G. Lycan Professor Vice Chancellor for Research, UIUC
SAIF: Panjab University [27%]
SAIF, (Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facility) at Panjab University undertakes the design, fabrication and repair of electronic instruments required ...
Dr. Mohan Sankaran Receives 2011 Peter Mark Memorial Award for Work in CNT-Focused Plasma [27%]
Dr. Mohan Sankaran, 34, of Case Western Reserve University, is the recipient of the 2011 Peter Mark Memorial Award, given by the American Vacuum Society, “for ...
Smart Biosensor Technology [26%]
<p>Synergy is the key to creating more intelligent biosensors. Engineers develop smaller, more integrated technologies; biologists and chemists develop ...
Optical Waveguides: From Theory to Applied Technologies [26%]
<p>Although the theory and principles of optical waveguides have been established for more than a century, the technologies have only been realized in recent ...
Leggett, Graham [25%]
EPSRC/RSC Professor of Nanoscale Analytical Science
Cornell's CNF Celebrates The Future of Nanotechnology on June 14 [25%]
Cornell University's NanoScale Science and Technology Facility (CNF) has been at the forefront of nanotechnology for 30 years. To commemorate, CNF will hold ...
Carbon Nanotubes: Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites [25%]
Carbon Nanotubes: Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites investigates the benefits of metal matrix carbon nanotube (MM-CNT) composites for large-scale ...
University of Leeds (Multi-disciplined applied and model-based nanoscience) [25%]
The University of Leeds (Yorkshire, United Kingdom) houses the Centre for Nano-Device Modeling and the NanoManufacturing Institute. The University conducts ...
Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies [25%]
<p>The emergence of nanoscience portends a revolution in technology that will soon impact virtually every facet of our technological lives. Yet there is little ...
University of California -- Irvine [24%]
UC Irvine's Henry Samueli School of Engineering has a stand-alone facility named the UCI Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility. The Integrated Nanosystems ...
Soft Lithography Shows "Large" Promise for Scaling Nano [24%]
Led by Teri Odom of Northwestern University, research funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) has shown that an inexpensive and innovative way of ...
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Promotes Micro-, NanoManufacturing [24%]
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is taking on a ‘Myth-Busting’ campaign to speed adoption of micro- and nano-manufacturing techniques among their ...
Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering, and Technology - Second Edition [24%]
<p>The ability to study and manipulate matter at the nanoscale is the defining feature of 21st-century science. The first edition of the standard-setting ...
Davis, Robert H. [24%]
Dr. Davis is currently a Patten Professor, Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and Director of the Biotechnology Program at the University ...
Chapter 1 Lithography [23%]
MEMS technology and applications have grown at a tremendous pace, while structural dimensions have grown smaller and smaller, reaching down even to the ...
Takahara, Atsushi [23%]
Dr. Atsushi Takahara is a professor in the Department of Applied Molecular Chemistry at Kyushu University's Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering. ...

Latest Research

A team of MIT researchers has found a way of precisely controlling the width and composition of nanowires as they grow, making it possible to grow complex structures designed for particular applications.

University of Minnesota researchers have devised an approach to fabricating thin-film nanosheets that could be sued to make production of gasoline, plastics and petrochemicals cheaper and more energy efficient.

The U.S. Government has released a national strategy for ensuring nanotechnology’s environmental, health, and safety research needs are fully identified and addressed.


Busnaina, Ahmed

Ahmed Busnaina, Ph.D

Director, The Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN)
Northeastern University

Lyshevski, Sergey Edward

Sergey Edward Lyshevski, Ph.D

Rochester Institute of Technology


University of Tennessee - Knoxville

University of Tennessee - Knoxville

UT Knoxville prides itself on adding value to Tennessee — by educating its students, doing research and creative work that improves quality of life, and reaching out to share expertise with Tennesseans. The University of Tennessee stands in a class by itself as Tennessee's flagship institution and one of the United States' great public research universities.

Nanophotonics Research Center - The University of Tokyo

Nanophotonics Research Center - The University of Tokyo

The Nanophotonics Research Center (NPC), NPC seeks to deepen the fundamental knowledge of nanometer-scale light-matter interactions and exploit our findings in various kinds of new principles and technologies. NPC is is the research center for nanophotonics in The University of Tokyo. and is led by the Director Prof. Motoichi Ohtsu.

Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing

Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing

The Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CHM) at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is an NSF-supported Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center specializing in innovative manufacturing processes and technologies for materials, devices and systems at the nanoscale.