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Zhejiang University [56%]
Zhejiang University (People's Republic of China) has two current nano-related projects: Suspension Polymerization and Polymer Nanomaterials. The university has ...
Goddard, William A. [55%]
Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science, and Applied Physics and Director of the Materials and Process Simulation Center. Professor ...
Materials in Biology and Medicine [55%]
While the interdisciplinary field of materials science and engineering is relatively new, remarkable developments in materials have emerged for biological and ...
Ohio State Explores Spintronics to Find Substitute for Microelectronics [54%]
Researchers at Ohio State University have demonstrated the first plastic computer memory device that utilizes the spin of electrons to read and write data. An ...
Nanolithography and Patterning Techniques in Microelectronics [54%]
<p>Nanolithography and Patterning Techniques in Microelectronics examines the new range of techniques that have made it possible to develop complex patterns at ...
Peppas, Nicholas [54%]
Dr. Peppas focus lies in the area of: Polymer physics; Polymerization reaction engineering; Diffusion in polymers; Controlled drug delivery; Biomedical ...
Researchers Find New Mechanism Governing Particle Growth in Nanocomposites [54%]
Materials researchers today have a great interest in controlling the growth of nanoparticles much in part due to the fact that the properties of these tiny ...
Bose, Arijit [54%]
Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering [53%]
<p>Our civilization owes its most significant milestones to our use of materials. Metals gave us better agriculture and eventually the industrial revolution, ...
Gao, Yong [53%]
Gorga, Russell E. [53%]
Russell E. Gorga is currently an Assistant Professor in the Textile Engineering, Chemistry, and Science Department at NC State University. His main interests ...
Bockstaller, Michael [52%]
Research Interests: Polymer morphology, polymer-based nanostructures; polymer-based nanoparticle assemblies; phase behavior and structure-property relations ...
Case Scientific [52%]
Your source for consultancy and contract research in computational chemistry, mesoscale modeling, polymer and surfactant science.
Müller-Plathe, Florian [51%]
Florian Müller-Plathe is a Professor of Theoretical Physical Chemistry at the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany.
Shenhar, Roy [51%]
Research Interests: Functionalized polymers and block copolymers, Nanoparticles, Self-assembly, and Molecular recognition.
Gomez, Marcos [51%]
Dr. Marcos Gomez joined BASF Venture Capital GmbH in June 2005.