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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) [55%]
The National Science Foundation chose Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2001 as one of the six original sites nationwide for the Nanoscale Science and ...
University of California Davis [55%]
Integrated NanoDevices and Systems Research focuses on nanotechnology projects at the University of California Davis. This group is led by M. Saif Islam, ...
Indiana University (Jacobson Research Group) [55%]
The Indiana University (Bloomington) Jacobson Research Group supports a variety of nanscale imaging programs for research and fabrication, including ...
Knystautas, Emile [55%]
Dr. Knystautas is Scientific Director, CIVEN, a new nanotechnology research centre based in Venice, Italy. His more recent activities also dealt with the ...
London Centre for Nanotechnology Opens [54%]
The London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) marked its official opening at a celebration in early November. LCN brings together resources and personnel from ...
Shinjo, Teruya [54%]
Prof. Shinjo served as a chair of the ICMFS International Advisory Committee for three years. He organized ICMFS twice, and the International Symposium on ...
Nanotubes and Nanofibers [54%]
<p><b><i>Size, Shape, and Synthesis Key to &quot;Tuning&quot; Properties</i></b> <p>The discovery and rapid evolution of carbon nanotubes have led to a ...
Nair, Lakshmi [54%]
Dr. Lakshmi S. Nair is Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Chemical, Materials and Biomolecular Engineering Departments at the University of ...
Neralla, Sudheer [53%]
His current research involves synthesis of nanocatalyst for growth of carbon nanotube arrays, characterization of nanotubes, study of growth of nanoparticles ...
University of Massachusetts -- Amherst [52%]
The University of Massachusetts -- Amherst has establishing a Nano-Imprint Lithography (NIL) laboratory to research capabilities in nanoscale device ...

Latest Research

An international team led by Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science has built optical nanostructures that can control light dispersion and engineer the index of refraction. This control of light propagation via photonic chips could prove a major breakthrough for telecommunications.

Researchers from Purdue University are using single nanowires to create fully-transparent transistors and circuits for low-cost, flexible color screens for consumer electronics, displays for car windshields and even “electronic” paper. The transparent transistors are assembled from single "nanowires" put onto glass or thin films of flexible plastic.

The Russian Government plans to invest $7.7 billion (US) into nanoscience research in the next 8 years, and to create a state council to encourage government/private sector collaboration, say reports from Russian Press Agency RIA Novosti. Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov called the government’s nanotechnology investment "very significant,” adding, "We are on the threshold of a real nano revolution, capable of overturning all our ideas on life.”


Yavuz, Mustafa

Mustafa Yavuz, Ph.D.

University of Waterloo

Minko, Sergiy

Sergiy Minko, Ph.D.

Egon Matijevic Chaired Professor
Clarkson University

Leburton, Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre Leburton, Ph.D.

Gregory E. Stillman Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois


The University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame, founded in 1842 by Rev. Edward F. Sorin, C.S.C., of the Congregation of Holy Cross, is an independent, national Catholic university located in Notre Dame, Ind., adjacent to the city of South Bend and approximately 90 miles east of Chicago.

Biomimetic Connections, LLC

Biomimetic Connections, LLC

Biomimetic Connections, LLC is a California-based firm established in 2002 to advance the commercialization of bio-inspired and biomimetic IP. Through our suite of biomimetic and bio-inspired IP portfoilios, BioParadigm ACCESS, we serve corporations, bio/material scientists and product design engineers across the engineering spectrum seeking to identify, utilize and commercialize research outcomes derived from 'biological design paradigms' (tm)

University of Tennessee - Knoxville

University of Tennessee - Knoxville

UT Knoxville prides itself on adding value to Tennessee — by educating its students, doing research and creative work that improves quality of life, and reaching out to share expertise with Tennesseans. The University of Tennessee stands in a class by itself as Tennessee's flagship institution and one of the United States' great public research universities.