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Samuelson, Lynne [50%]
Dr. Samuelson’s fundamental investigations in the Materials Science Team involve the preparation and characterization of various protein assemblies and ...
Barrera, Enrique V. [49%]
Research Areas: Materials Science and Engineering, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Materials Processing, Materials Chemistry, and Structure Property Relations
The Center for Materials Processing - University of Tennessee, Knoxville [49%]
CMP's research activities focus on the processing, structure, property and performance relationships for all classes of materials including metals, ceramics ...
Nanocomposites [49%]
Nanocomposites are a new class of composites that have a dispersed phase with at least one ultrafine dimension, typically a few nanometers. Nanocomposites ...
Stuart, Steven J. [48%]
Research activities in Dr. Stuart's laboratory involve computer simulations of complex systems.
Bronstein, Lyudmila [47%]
Dr. Brostein graduated from the Polymer Synthesis Department, Kalinin Polytechnic Institute, 1974.
Legrand, André Pierre [47%]
Professor Legrand's current research includes: solid-fluid interface processes, amorphous materials: silica, silicon-carbide, bone and bone substitutes, and ...
Dartmouth College [47%]
The Center for Nanomaterials Research at Dartmouth, CNR@D, is an interdisciplinary grouping of faculty and students studying the processing and properties of ...
Greco, Ralph [47%]
Application of Micro/Nanotechnology to Biological Systems.
NanoGram Develops High Transparency High Refractive Index Polymer Nanocomposites [46%]
NanoGram Corporation, a leading developer and licensor of core process technology enabling the manufacture of unique nanostructured materials for optical, ...
World BioPharm Forum 2007: New Frontiers in Nanomedicine in London, Oct. 15-16 [46%]
Some of the world’s top experts in nanomedicine will gather at London’s Hammersmith Hospital Conference Centre during The New Frontiers in Nanomedicine meeting ...
Chen, Zhan [46%]
Dr. Chen is Dow Corning Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan, where his research group focuses on exploring different surface ...
Thomas, Edwin [46%]
Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Morris Cohen Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
MIT, Lankenau Institute Team Up on Positive Nanodelivery Study [45%]
Nanodelivery of medicines could be ready for human clinical trials in as little as a year, say researchers at MIT and the Lankenau Institute in the wake of ...
Mason, Thomas G. [45%]
Thomas G. Mason is Associate Professor and John McTague Chair of Chemistry of the University of California- Los Angeles, and of the California NanoSystems ...