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Locklin, Jason [57%]
Jason Locklin is Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia's Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (in the Department of Chemsitry). Prof. ...
Carleton University [56%]
Carleton University has various nanotechnology projects, including an award winning idea from a chemistry professor that has the potention to speed up the ...
MEMS: Design and Fabrication [56%]
<p>As our knowledge of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) continues to grow, so does The MEMS Handbook. The field has changed so much that this Second ...
Zhong, Chuan-Jian [55%]
Our research interests are in the interdisciplinary areas of materials chemistry, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, catalysis, and emerging ...
Ito, Takashi [53%]
Specialized areas: Analytical Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Electrochemistry, and Microfluidics
Delft's Nanoscale Detectors To Watch the Skies for Birth of Stars [52%]
Nanoscale detectors developed at Delft University if Technology’s Kavli Institute of Nanoscience are among the most sensitive astronomically sensitive ever ...
Zhang, Jin [52%]
Dr. Jin Zhang is Professor of Chemistry at the University of California - Santa Cruz (UCSC). He heads the Zhang Research Group, which has a primarily ...
Nanotechnology 2008: Microsystems, Photonics, Sensors, Fluidics, Modeling and Simulation - Volume 3 [52%]
These proceedings from the 2008 NSTI Nanotech conference provide the most prestigious forum in the world for leading nano scientists. The papers from the ...
Nguyen, Cattien [52%]
My background in microelectronic fabrication and bio-inorganic chemistry as well as small molecule and polymer synthesis and characterization fosters an ...
University of Oxford [51%]
The Physics Department of the University of Oxford is one of the largest in the United Kingdom and has a lively and active program in research, including the ...
Kelley, Shana [51%]
Our interdisciplinary research efforts focus on understanding and engineering the molecular properties of DNA and RNA.


Latest Research

The Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC), a research group comprised of the world’s top energy companies along with University of Texas and Rice University, is looking for proposals for nanosensor technologies to help with oil and gas discovery and recovery. The consortium has a $6-$7 million RFP for micro- and nanosensors pending, with the latest round closing August 20.


Jinsong Leng,

Cheung Kong Chair Professor
Harbin Institute of Technology

Yavuz, Mustafa

Mustafa Yavuz, Ph.D.

University of Waterloo


Nanophotonics Research Center - The University of Tokyo

Nanophotonics Research Center - The University of Tokyo

The Nanophotonics Research Center (NPC), NPC seeks to deepen the fundamental knowledge of nanometer-scale light-matter interactions and exploit our findings in various kinds of new principles and technologies. NPC is is the research center for nanophotonics in The University of Tokyo. and is led by the Director Prof. Motoichi Ohtsu.